Professional Teeth Cleaning

Most people know that in order to preserve a healthy and beautiful smile, proper dental hygiene is a must. Good dental hygiene includes brushing and flossing twice daily and makes a huge difference in preventing unwanted tooth decay. However, brushing and flossing is not all that is required to keep your mouth healthy. In fact, Dr. Rajpal recommends a regular dental cleaning every 3-4 months in order to maintain a healthy smile. Professional dental cleanings get rid of the plaque, bacteria, and tartar in patients teeth that brushing and flossing cannot prevent. In a professional deep cleaning, dentists perform scaling and root planing where calculus beneath the gums is accessed to restore the health of the surrounding tissues. When patients practice good daily habits such as brushing and flossing and they get regular dental cleanings, their teeth remain healthy and so does the rest of their body.

More Than Just a Healthy Mouth

Dental hygiene and regular teeth cleaning helps more than just a patient’s dental health. In fact, good dental health actually benefits your entire body’s health as well. Clean and healthy teeth prevent and reduce the risk of heart disease, bone loss, stroke, and high blood pressure. Dental cleanings are a quick and simple routine practice that keep your smile and your body happy and healthy. 

The Procedure

Standard teeth cleaning involves both scaling the teeth and an examination of the patient’s oral health. Often times, x-rays are taken before the cleaning so that the dentist can identify any underlying dental problems that the patient may have. After scaling, Dr. Rajpal uses special instruments along with the x-rays to examine the patient’s teeth and determine whether or not the patient will need follow up treatments such as fillings or more serious procedures.

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Dental health is a big indicator of overall health, so professional teeth cleaning is crucial maintaining a healthy mouth and body. When combined with good brushing and flossing habits, dental cleanings prevent significant dental issues in the future. To schedule your next dental cleaning with Dr. Rajpal, call (310) 273-1199 today!

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