What are Porcelain Inlays?

The majority of patients who work with Dr. Rajpal have previously had a cavity due to poor flossing or brushing habits which cause the build of bacteria and plaque in the teeth. Composite fillings are the most common way to treat these cavities but in some cases, these composite fillings may not be enough to keep the tooth structurally intact. In such cases, porcelain inlays may be necessary as a form of tooth restoration. while porcelain crowns involve a full replacement of the external tooth, porcelain inlays involve only a partial replacement. These inlays enhance the durability of the tooth and in many cases can make the tooth stronger than it was originally.

The Procedure

While porcelain inlays function like standard composite fillings, the procedure for implementing them is quite different. Porcelain inlays are custom built to the patient’s mouth in a laboratory. Dr. Rajpal will first take impressions of the teeth that need inlays and then will fit them during a second visit. Porcelain inlays are cemented into the patient’s mouth and replace only the necessary portions of the tooth. Porcelain inlays preserve more of the patient’s natural tooth and also look more natural. Additionally, inlays last much longer than normal fillings and provide a more realistic shape and surface to the damaged tooth.

Maintenance of Inlays

Porcelain inlays are quite easy to take care of as normal brushing and flossing is sufficient to maintain their structural integrity. Dental porcelain is an even stronger material than natural teeth and will provide much longer lasting functionality to the patient. Dr. Rajpal specializes in a variety of cosmetic procedures that involve the use of dental porcelain and can help you restore a brilliant smile.

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