What are Porcelain Crowns?

Many patients desire a full, bright, and radiant smile. Unfortunately, accidents or poor oral hygiene can cause teeth to be damaged, discolored, broken, or completely decayed. In these cases, patients may want to restore their smile to its natural beauty. Porcelain has been used in dentistry in a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures including porcelain crowns. A porcelain crown is a full porcelain replacement of a damaged or decayed tooth. Porcelain crowns are secured onto the damaged tooth and provide the durability and function of a real tooth.

Porcelain: An Effective Tooth-like Material

Dental porcelain has proven to be an effective and durable material that has the same visual characteristics of a real tooth. Porcelain is translucent and carries the same color as real teeth. In cases where the natural color of the porcelain is whiter than the patient’s real teeth, Dr. Rajpal may color the porcelain differently or recommend teeth whitening procedures to ensure an even smile. Dr. Rajpal custom fits all porcelain crowns with aesthetics in mind and has years of experience implementing these crowns into her practice. The porcelain crowns are individually created in a laboratory to match the patient’s teeth.

The Procedure and Maintenance

The procedure of designing a porcelain crown is relatively simple and takes just one visit to Dr. Rajpal’s office. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled after the procedure to ensure that the crowns feel and function correctly. Porcelain crowns are extremely simple to take care of, in fact, regular brushing and flossing are all that is needed to ensure that the crown and teeth stay healthy. 

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Dental porcelain crowns are an effective tooth replacement solution that is becoming increasingly more common among adults. The procedure is safe, easy, and requires only minor anesthetics. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Rajpal today by calling (310) 273-1199 to see if porcelain crowns can give you your best smile.

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