The Holistic Approach

Holistic dentistry involves an approach of treating the whole individual in a biologically safe manner to promote well-being. When respecting the connection between the oral environs and the rest of the body patients can improve their overall health by maintaining healthier mouths. Oral health is often a very good indicator of overall health, and many are surprised to find that there are a number of very deep connections between oral health and bodily health. Holistic dentistry stresses prevention through home care, supplements, proper nutrition, exercise, and regular office visits to help keep the need for dental intervention low. Being of Indian descent, Dr. Rajpal has been immersed in the practices of yoga and meditation from a young age. She has been exposed to Ayurveda, which is ancient Indian medicine that focuses on the mind-body connection to naturally heal imbalances in the body. While Dr. Rajpal cares deeply about her patient’s teeth, she also cares about her patient’s total well-being and advises patients on how to improve their overall health. 

Safety is the Priority

The Holistic Dentistry approach advocates the use of biologically compatible materials to minimize toxicity. Treatments use methods, materials, and techniques that reduce the introduction of toxins into the body. Exposure to mercury from amalgam fillings as well as other heavy metals can affect your systemic health. We remove these fillings in a safe manner in order to prevent the mercury from infiltrating your body. We may also recommend nutritional supplements to assist in detoxification and provide immune support. Dr. Rajpal only uses the safest materials in treatment and is experienced in removing fillings and other dental work that is poor, outdated, and toxic to the body.

Safe X-Rays

Reducing radiation exposure by up to 90%, digital x-rays are a safer, effective and essential tool for dentists. Digital X-rays enable patients to view their x-rays immediately on-screen while enabling Dr. Rajpal to easily spot deep tooth problems such as bone loss, deep decay and root canals. If any restorative or cosmetic dental work is needed we can provide a holistic approach to enhance your oral health and smile. We will then follow up on your oral health every three to six months during your hygienic visits for routine teeth cleaning.

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